Vidhava Charitable Society

About Us

VIDHAVA (WIDOW) CHARITABLE SOCIETY founded in 2014 September. Society has been registered under Travancore Cochin Scientific, Literary and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955 (Act 12 of 1955)

Founder of the Society is Mr. JOSE NELLISSERY and he is the first State President. We give membership to Widows Annuls, Unmarried Spinsters. Our motto is to dedicate sincere service to the above said personalities for their betterment and upliftment in their life. We give more care to kidney patients, cancer patients and the bed ridden patients one who sufferings from other diseases. We could to do impeccable service within this short period, with the GRACE OF GOD. We did a little bit, but we have to do a lot in coming days for the members of our society and to others in the surroundings too. “Care share and Bear” We wish to fulfill the meanings of these words through our real life and services.

The opportunities whatever we get in our life to serve others, we will do goodness in time to deservers, by providing Nursing, Medicines, Clothes and Daily needs. One helping hand in time is better than on hundred helping hands in late times. This sentence gives us inspiration to our merciful charity activities.

We solicit financial help from well wishers and expect helping hands for future activities.

Our Vision

To establish and run rehabilitation centers for the physically challenged and mentally handicapped orphans and the like.

To provide home for homeless.

Adpotion of poor students.

To establish old age home with all amenities to poor members, spinsters

Destituts and orphans.

To implement permanent pension scheme to our members above Seventy years old.

To render special care and nursing to the bedridden patients among our Society members.

We wish to give insurance protection for our members, according to the rules and regulations of insurance companies.

We provide counseling and guidelines to our members.

Our Mission

We wish to provide justice and social security to the category of women as mentioned in about us page.

We arrange pension and other financial assistance from Social welfare department of State and Central Goverments.

To educate and Conduct classes and Seminars regarding ill effect use of alcohol, narcotics and drugs.

To work for eradication of crime against women.

To educate members of their rights and duties.

To provide medical aids to poors.

To give financial assistance for marriage of poor girls of our members.

To conduct cultural programs, and one day tour program for our members for their enjoyment and relaxation of their mind and heart. To provide amenities such as grants, scholarships, rewards, prizes, and books to poor students.

Give a helping hand

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